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1.     Select  the following link Start Enrollment;

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Frequently asked questions -


I’m getting an error message that says “please notify the service center” when I try to sign up in Canvas.  What should I do?

It’s possible your password does not meet the requirements for Canvas.  Passwords must:

Must be between 8 and 14 characters

Must contain 2 numbers or symbols in the first 8 characters

cannot use @,# or & symbols in password

Must contain 3 letters in the first 8 charactesr

Must contain 5 different characters

can't use doubled numbers or symbols (so no %% or 99)

If you try this and it does not work, please contact us at xpl@iupui.edu 



What browsers work best for this course?


We have seen several cases of people with older versions of Internet Explorer having difficulty creating a guest account so that they can sign up.  IE versions 10 and 11 are compatible with Canvas; however older versions may not work.



I’ve created an IU guest account, but how do I enroll?


After you have verified your IU guest account through email, this link should take you right to the course.  After you log in you should see a blue “Enroll” button.  




If you do not see the button, feel free to contact us at xpl@iupui.edu

Are you Experienced? Exploring User Experience in Public Libraries - Overview


How it works:


This course is free, exclusively online, and allows you some freedom to work at your own pace each week (i.e. there is no set time you have to be online).  Our four instructors bring their experiences in this area to the course and look forward to seeing how the work and life experiences of the participants contribute to a lively and enriching online community for these four weeks.  Our goal is to have you walk away with a few different strategies and tools you can use to help enhance user experience at your library, whether you work in one now or plan to in the future.  


This course is structured over four weeks, each covering a different topic.  For more information on what will be discussed in particular each week, please see the detailed weekly objectives below.  


Week 1- Customer Service and the User Experience

Week 2- Youth Librarianship: Best Practices to Serve our Youngest Patrons

Week 3- Technology: Improving Library Services by Managing Technology 

Week 4– Community Engagement


Every week, our instructors have provided an instructional video, as well as resources to Read, Explore, and View. Participants will have the option to participate in a discussion topic, take a quiz on the week’s videos and readings, and work on an optional project.  Participants will have two attempts to complete each quiz.  Answering 70% of the questions correctly is considered passing.  Each of the four weeks has a project option.  Participants can choose to complete one of the projects and can receive some feedback from that project’s corresponding instructor.  


Depending on your availability, you can do as much or as little as you please. 


There are minimum work requirements to earn the LEUs and participants can opt to receive an electronic badge for their work in this class.  There are three levels of badges, all based on the completion of certain levels of work.  These requirements are described in detail in the course documents.  



We’re happy to announce that this MOOC qualifies for 12 LEUs (Library Education Units) through the Indiana State Library for the purpose of Indiana professional librarian development.   The breakdown for this particular course will enable qualified students to receive up to 9 LEUs and 3 TLEUs (Technology Library Education Units), for an overall total of 12.  Any student who passes the quiz and participates in the discussion for the week will receive those LEUS.


LEU certificates will be awarded at the end of the course for the total amount learned over the four week period.



Detailed objectives: 

Students completing the Customer Service Module will be able to:

Students completing the Youth Programming module will be able to:


Students completing the Technology module will be able to:


Students completing the Community Engagement module will be able to: